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  • The Polperro Horse Bus Company (album)

    The debut album 'The Polperro Horse Bus Company'. Released 31/05/2014


    1. King of Opinion

    2. Your Own Little World

    3. Star is Falling

    4. The Polperro Horse Bus Company

    5. Monkey Girl

    6. My Precious Love

    7. I'm Out For the Summer

    8. Don't Leave Me Ruined

    9. Click Click Isabella

    10. Don't Waste Your Love Away

    11. On the 10:02

    12. Pleased to Please You

    13. Jeanie (Ooh La La)

    14. The Big Heist

    15. Be True To Yourself

    16. Who Can Help You Now?

  • Be True To Yourself (single)

  • Monkey Girl (single)

    Video also available on iTunes!

    £0.99 (or £1.29 for video)

  • The Polperro Horse Bus Company (album) Limited Edition double vinyl LP

  • The Polperro Horse Bus Company (album) CD Edition

  • Velvet Mornings (EP)


    1. Monkey Girl
    2. Velvet Mornings
    3. Sid James
    4. Shining Light
    5. Suzie Suzie
    6. To Wait A Lifetime
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